4D Virtual Builder 3.2

Create your 4D model directly in Sketchup. Synchronise tasks in real-time with 2D and 3D Sketchup entities.


Various report Functions

Generate Sketchup scenes per time-interval, automatic PowerPoint creation and 4D animations exports.


Gantt Chart

All 4D and planning activities will be steered from the central Gantt chart component. It’s the heart of the new release.


To get an overall view or to view changes over a period of time, we have introduced the notion of a timeline. Simpler than the Gantt Chart, it is quite a fascinating management tool.


Days, Hours, Minutes, …

Sometimes it’s necessary to apply a lower time scale like minutes, for instance to schedule the mounting and disassembly of a concert stage or podium.



4D Virtual Builder is not just a Sketchup plugin. It can communicate with other software packages as well, like PowerPoint to automatically generate a 4D presentation, or MS Project to dynamically link Sketchup entities to MS Project tasks, …



All 4D information is stored directly in the Sketchup model. Sharing your 4d model is as easy as sharing your regular 3d model. And with our new and free ViewerMode, sharing your 4d models with all your construction partners has never been easier.


Changed Visualisation Mode

With the new Changed Visualisation Mode, even more insight in the most complex construction projects is achieved with a few clicks. By selecting a specific interval, 4D Virtual Builder highlights every object that will undergo a changement during that interval.


S -> XL

Whether you’re a stage designer, housing contractor or urban planner, 4D Virtual Builder can manage any type of project, from small to extra-large.


Try it out

4D Virtual Builder comes with a 10 day trial period. When your trial period is expired 4D Virtual Builder will automatically enter the free ViewerMode.